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Art as Décor

There are an ever-growing number of good reasons to buy South African art. Some will buy art simply as an investment tool, whilst others will view it as an altruistic opportunity of supporting emerging black artists. Tourists may be intent on re-living the memories of an African adventure but most will undoubtedly buy South African art purely for its aesthetic value. In a nutshell, art as décor

Since the beginning of time, man has beautified himself and his surroundings with highly stylised bone and wooden carvings, wooden masks, beadwork, pottery and even geometric patterns on the walls of dwellings. Most of these earliest art forms had strong symbolic overtones but some were simply to enhance the person and his property.

Over the centuries we have developed a strong sense of decoration in our clothes, our homes and even ourselves. Décor, particularly interior décor, defines who we are as a person and often hints at our pleasures, treasures and our joys.

There’s a wide and diverse array of South African art and artists which will complement and enhance almost any private or public space. A range of styles from realism to ultra-modernism, and everything in between, are on offer though our portfolio of established art galleries, located across South Africa, as well as right here online.

Sourcing South African Art

Seascapes or landscapes with sweeping panoramic views by Mauro Chiarla, Errol Norbury or Katherine Wood often increase the feeling of space where depth or perspective is needed, whilst the continuous movement and vibrant colours of Township Art by Katharine Ambrose will lighten even the gloomiest of rooms. For a real conversation piece, consider the addition of an intricately detailed Ardmore Ceramics artwork, iconically South African.

The trick to buying South African art, strictly as décor, is to ensure it fits in with the overall ambience or style of your home or office. All art categories have the ability to enhance your home or office in a different way and where you place them is entirely your personal choice.

The benefit of sourcing South African art online from the comfort of your home is that you have access to over 2000 original and unique artworks in one place at one time. It’s no longer necessary to spend valuable time and effort visiting multiple galleries, searching for that perfect piece. 

Ordering Art Online

The online buying process is effortless and enjoyable. Simply browse our website at, add to your cart, check-out and pay online. We'll package and delivery to you, worldwide, and is insured in-transit, offering you additional peace of mind. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your original South African art treasure is en route to you. Purchasing South African art online through our website is simple, safe and secure. Your artwork is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and value for your insurance purposes. Read more about delivery and shipment of artwork on our shipping information page.

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