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Locked Horn Rhino XL - Limited Edition

African Designs


Designed and handmade by local South African artists, this special collection forms part of a limited edition series created to raise awareness against rhino poaching. Using superior nickel-plated steel wire (won’t rust), each rhino body is formed, shaped and carefully adorned with oil-black and blood-red beads, which dramatically highlight the fragility of these magnificent creatures. The adult rhino features 4 golden padlocks around the horns, these represent a strong anti-poaching symbol.

This magnificent beaded rhino art is our way of contributing to the greater rhino protection campaign. Our dream is that these rhinos become a symbol of conservation especially around the issue of poaching and a symbol of the need to protect the rhino horn.

Proceeds from your purchase will be donated to STOP RHINO POACHING

Available in 3x sizes, suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Locked Rhino XL Size: H43 x 93L x 21Hcm
Weight:  7kg