Clash of Horns | Rhinos

By Ann Gadd

Mixed Media / 90 x 120 x 4 cm / Rolled and Tubed
  • A large colourful mixed media painting of two fighting rhinoceros incorporating African symbols on a green background. The artwork is entitled Clash of Horns by South African artist Ann Gadd.  

    Ann has taken her more complex expressionistic style of the past and simplified her more recent works to a more naïve yet somewhat surrealistic style. 

    Gone are her wild colourful brushstrokes, to be replaced by a more textured, simplified, and mature approach to her work. Occasionally her quirky sense of humour emerges in her works as in the Ambitious Sheep series. Her sense of colour has remained although tempered with experience.

    Ann Gadd is a popular contemporary artist who has exhibited her work numerous times both locally and abroad.

  • Ann Gadd is a prolific South African artist whose energetic work excite as she explores new ways in her painting and interesting choices of subject matter. Her quirky insightful art asks questions that provoke the viewer to seek answers.

    Having spent two decades as a commercial artist, cartoon book illustrator, creative and art director in the advertising arena she began to indulge her passion for painting more seriously.

    Ann has participated in a large number of exhibitions and her South African landscape paintings and constructions now hang both internationally. Ann’s imagination has carried her into an exploration of many different subjects. Initially, she painted landscapes, nudes and still lifes using exciting, bright colour combinations which reflect the vibrancy of Africa.

    She has moved more into the areas of conceptual art, landscape pieces, 3 dimensional works and palindromes, sometimes utilizing her experience as a cartoonist and her propensity to see through cultural norms, to question her world.

    Symbolically, it reflects the many shantytowns in South Africa, who rely on corrugated iron for their shelter. It also related to the resilience of the South African people and the rusting properties mirror not only the colours in Africa but also, like its people, are constantly evolving. By combining the natural rust properties with different metallic effects and emulsions, as well as incorporating raw materials such as sand into the paintings, the paintings reflect both the industrial and earthy organic properties of the country.
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