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Heavenly Shimmer

Heavenly Shimmer

Richard Bothma

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Step into the enchanting world of "Heavenly Shimmer," a mesmerizing painting by the visionary Richard Botman that transcends the boundaries of conventional art. This masterpiece impeccably captures the ethereal beauty and abundance of pink wildflowers, bathed in the warm, golden embrace of a celestial sunset. "Heavenly Shimmer" invites you to infuse your living space with the essence of this magical moment, creating an atmosphere that resonates with joy and happiness.

Richard Botman's artistic prowess takes center stage as he orchestrates a symphony of vibrant pinks and greens with unparalleled skill. The canvas becomes a playground of colors, where each stroke is a dance between warmth and vitality. Against the backdrop of a sunset sky painted with hues of gold and amber, the pink wildflowers burst into radiant bloom. Their delicate petals catch the last rays of the setting sun, creating a breathtaking display that seems to shimmer with a celestial glow.

The lush green grass beneath serves as a harmonious canvas, grounding the fantastical scene in the beauty of the natural world. This carefully crafted balance between the vibrant blooms and the verdant landscape enhances the overall enchantment of "Heavenly Shimmer," making it a visual feast for the senses.

"Heavenly Shimmer" is not merely a painting; it's a portal to the serene wonder of a sunset-kissed landscape. As you gaze upon this masterpiece, let it transport you to a realm where time stands still, and nature's captivating spectacle takes center stage. Elevate your living space with the transformative power of "Heavenly Shimmer," a tribute to the magical moments that unfold in the grand theater of the natural world.

About Artist

Born on the eve of a new millennium, in 1999, in the small coastal town of Margate in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Richard Bothma is part of a new generation of young South African artists who feel passionate about capturing and sharing the energy of a dynamic country in rapid transition.

“Art is my way of getting creative, escaping the realities of the world, and creating scenes of our country that will last forever,” Bothma says.

He showed talent from a young age. “I was always drawn to the outdoors, doing pencil sketches from about ten years of flowers, wildlife, and still life.”

Bothma, who now lives in Cape Town, worked as a landscaper at a local garden center before putting oil to canvas in 2015. “My passion continued to grow, and I started painting almost every day in 2018 before starting to paint full-time in 2021.”

Stepping into his studio is a way of bringing his love of the outdoors in. “My inspiration hasn’t changed. The biggest difference is that I was only creating for myself before, but now I feel I am creating to share my love of nature with people worldwide.”

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This safe and cost-effective packaging is our preferred packaging option. We'll remove the canvas from the stretcher frame and roll it up into this sturdy and protective cardboard tube for shipping. Upon delivery, simply have the canvas re-stretched at your local framer.FLAT-PACKED / BOXED
We package the artwork on its stretcher frame or in a frame. The artwork is securely bubble-wrapped and packed into a sealed cardboard box. This option offers good protection of your artwork while in-transit, without the additional cost associated with custom-crating.


We build a custom-crate specifically to provide the best protection for your artwork. However, it's also the most costly option. We recommend custom-crates for the transportation of fragile artworks such as sculptures, ceramics and very large painting

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