Reed Dance | Portraiture

    By David Bucklow

    Acrylic on Canvas / 102 x 76cm / Rolled and Tubed
    • This original artwork titled Reed Dance by David Bucklow. The Reed Dance is an annual event where unmarried virgin Zulu women travel from their chiefdoms to the Royal Village to participate in a ceremony. The Reed Dance was established as a means to encourage young Zulu girls to delay sexual activity until marriage 
      In a style that is most definitely photo-realistic and showing tremendous talent and technique in the detailed treatment of his artworks, David’s content repertoire includes many of South Africa’s iconic landscape and seascape scenes, as well as his beloved Wildlife studies.

      More recently, David has set out to create his African portraits series. Celebrating the rich heritage and cultural diversity of South Africa’s Rainbow Nation, each portrait study humbly and respectfully highlights the proud traditions enshrined into our African tribes, a time-honoured legacy, passed down from generation to generation


    • David Bucklow is a fine artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. He was born in 1969 and has been practising art for many years, ultimately making it his profession, and producing work for the last 30 years. David’s paintings explore a wide range of wildlife and local landscapes.

      He works with a selection of acrylics on canvas to capture highly detailed imagery – almost as though experiencing his subjects and scenes from life and through that precise perspective. His interest in wildlife and the environment was established as a young artist and developed swiftly as he observed the African biosphere. He progressed quickly as he discovered the endless wonders of nature within this beautiful continent.

      David’s work has become widely admired and collected nationally and internationally. Some of his most recognisable pieces feature magnificent portraits of wild animals within contrasted and evocative landscapes. Viewers are drawn into his large-scale paintings through direct eye-contact with the animal, an intimate moment for the viewer to contemplate their existence within nature.

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