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Intrigued by the Unseen

Intrigued by the Unseen

Solomon Omogboye

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To be captivated by the invisible is to embrace the enchantment concealed in the mundane. The featured painting portrays a boy in prayer, genuflecting on the floor, his whispered wishes hidden within the folds of his devotion. The viewer is left to ponder the mysteries that occupy his heart, a narrative woven in the threads of imagination.

Solomon Omogboye's artistic journey unfurled through studies in art and industrial design at Lagos State Polytechnic, followed by a chapter at the Lagos National Theatre. In 2007, he was bestowed with the prestigious AADS Best Artist of the Year award, a testament to his extraordinary talent. Following six years of imparting artistic wisdom, he embarked on a creative odyssey to South Africa in 2014.

A virtuoso of various media—charcoal, pastel, acrylic, and oil on canvas—Omogboye's extensive body of work serves as a poignant expression of his thoughts and ideas. Showcased in galleries spanning Lagos, Johannesburg, Franschhoek, and Théoule-sur-Mer, France, his distinctive style, characterized by vivid and energetic brushwork, has garnered acclaim both locally and internationally. Acknowledged as one of Nigeria's premier artists, Omogboye's whimsical depictions of human anatomy and unwavering dedication to authenticity echo his profound belief in the inherent beauty woven into every facet of existence.

About Artist

Solomon Omogboye is a gifted impressionist painter born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1982. He studied art and industrial design at the Lagos State Polytechnic before starting work at the Lagos National Theatre. He won the AADS Best Artist of the Year award in 2007.

Omogboye worked as an art teacher for six years before moving to South Africa in 2014. "I've always been a prolific painter, encouraged by my mother, a teacher," he says. "My paintings reflect my thoughts, inspiration and ideas, using mainly charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oil on canvas.

Omogboye has exhibited his work in Lagos, Johannesburg, Franschhoek and in Théoule-sur-Mer, France. His bold, lively paintings, characterised by energetic, bold strokes and capturing playful expressions of human anatomy, have attracted local and international attention for many years, firmly settling him among Nigeria's leading artists.

"The beauty I see in every existence is my inspiration to paint," he says. "For me, painting is a practice of focusing intentions moment to moment – mirroring what life is really about."

This gifted and humble artist says he finds inspiration wherever he travels – and it's not always the obvious thing that catches his eye. "My paintings reflect what I continue to learn in life: that the only perfection is imperfection and the appreciation of what is."

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