Sweet Thorn Acacia Tree

By Anthony Gadd

Mixed Media on Canvas / 90 x 40cm / Rolled and Tubed
  • A beautiful painting by artist Anthony Gadd depicts an abstract African landscape with red earth and acacia trees. The artwork is an original mixed media and is entitled Sweet Thorn Acacia Tree.

    A perfectionist at heart, artist Anthony Gadd chooses each subject’s pose and composition with careful care and consideration. “My style has been described as loose, bold, and expressive, which I tend to agree with. I treasure the ‘happy accident’ which brings gesture and freshness to each piece I create.” While both powerful and sensitively executed, Anthony Gadd is able to capture moments in time; breathing creativity, attention to detail, and artistic freedom into each of his artworks.

    Artist Anthony Gadd is drawn to the ever-changing harsh wildness of the sea and barren landscapes. Black patches of exposed rock adorn long stretches of isolated white beaches, catching light in exciting contrasts in his paintings, while the sea can change from an inviting turquoise to a brooding dark and stormy blue in moments. All these dramatic “changes in time” are recorded in his mind, to be recreated in his studio.


  • What gets me into my studio every morning?

    It’s quite simple—that exquisite feeling when the magic comes out of your hands and everything just works.

    Anthony was born in 1955 in the game farming area of South Africa. His subject matter is strongly influenced by these memories of unspoiled landscapes, teeming with wildlife. His art could be classified as contemporary semi-abstract, while his style is bold, loose, and expressive. His chosen media are acrylic and chalk on stretched canvas.

    Anthony holds permanent exhibitions in five galleries, and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions during his 17-year artistic career.

    Anthony lives in Cape Town with his talented author-artist wife, Ann. When he is not painting, he loves escaping into the rugged African bush in search of reference and inspiration.

    "I believe creativity is the "clock spring" of life.
    Whether you create a business empire or a salad,
    the process of creating is what energizes and drives us.
    The journey during each creation is so compelling that the process simply drives itself.”

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