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South Africa’s wonderful melting pot of cultures has ensured an artistic diversity unrivalled in the rest of the world. Influences range from the simplicity of Palaeolithic dream-art of the San Bushmen to the raw cubism and colourful fauvism of the Masters; Picasso and Matisse.

The wide selection of South African art, South African artists and genres is evident in South African art galleries, both land-based and online. Investing in authentic South African art is guaranteed to provide a colourful and unique glimpse into the country’s fascinating hotchpotch of cultures, wildlife and scenery as well as enhancing any public or private space.

The history of art in South Africa is a fascinating and convoluted story of colonisers, struggle art and the emergence of a unique and exclusive genre, Township art. A blend of European and abstract African influences, together with the incomparable beauty of the South African landscape and wildlife, has ensured an exciting journey of artistic expression.

Why Buy Original South African Art?

There are a multitude of reasons for buying genuine South African art. Many select an artwork purely for its investment potential, whilst others choose a piece based of its aesthetic qualities. South Africa has long been considered a ’world in one country’ with a remarkable variety of people, landscapes and wildlife. There is consequently a vast selection of premier South African art - figurative art, African art, landscapes, seascapes, wildlife art and stunning graphics - to appease the lust for art as décor.

Visitors to this natural wonderland are often inspired to buy art as a souvenir. The uncompromising beauty and mystique of the African bush is captured in fine detail by a range of accomplished wildlife artists including David Bucklow, Errol Norbury and South Africa's foremost Wildlife Watercolour artist, Sue Dickinson. Mauro Chiarla, Carla Bosch and Willie Strydom capture the essence of the earth in a variety of landscape styles and media whilst the tireless oceans have inspired the likes of Colin Wilkinson, Roeloff Rossouw and Anthony Gadd to create incomparable South African seascapes as uniquely South African works of art.

There are largely three reasons for buying genuine South African art - prestige, profit and pleasure. There are, however, a number of fundamental principles to adhere to when collecting art. Take a look at our tips on buying wildlife art before you make your choice of art and artist.

We Support Township Art

A recent development in the history of South African art has been the rise of the bright and boisterous Township art. During the years of the apartheid regime black artists were effectively muzzled and their work actively destroyed by the fascists. The birth of the New South Africa, however, heralded a new dawn for a myriad of talented emerging black artists. South African galleries are actively supporting township artists and their inspirational and colourful mixed media representations speak volumes of the reality of their existence.

Authentic African art is a personal expression of the joy and pain of an African existence and, as such, is a wholly unique offering. Original artwork is imbued with depth, texture and colour which are not shared through print production or photographs, so by buying authentic African art, you are guaranteed premier quality, unbeatable value and the assurance you have a one-of-a-kind treasure.

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Mark Wright
Mark Wright

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