Collection: Frances Wedepohl

From a young age, Frances Wedepohl, a South African artist with roots in Johannesburg, developed a profound love for art and creativity.

Her fascination with vibrant colours, shapes, and textures was evident as she used every available canvas for her artistic expression.

Her admiration for JH Pierneef's work, discovered on a special day, became a lasting source of inspiration. Pierneef's influence is discernible in her art, as she finds affinity in his play of light, balanced compositions, and serene landscapes.

Painting is Frances' solace, a realm of tranquillity where the world falls silent, except for the sounds of her cherished 70s music collection. The experience is intense, serene, and cathartic.

Her work is a reflection of her travels and dreams, primarily inspired by the South African landscape, with its characteristic sun, soil, heat, and sky.

With a background in architectural draughting, akin to Pierneef, Frances' artistic style is characterised by precise brushwork, intricate details, and a strong focus on lines, colours, and shapes, often using a limited palette of oils. Her art encompasses landscapes, figures, forests, portraits, and vibrant street scenes, where she experiments with a vivid array of acrylic colours.