Collection: Geraldo Bragah

"Passion is the secret element that drives me to the studio every day." 

Geraldo Bragah was born in 1964 in Vitória on Brazil's southeast coast, but for years has painted from his studio in the beach-side "surfer's paradise" town of Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa. "Being a foreigner in South Africa allows me to paint the country through my own unique experiences," he says.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, Bragah uses acrylics as his primary medium and uses different lines, strokes, and even the thickness of the paint to explore his experimental side. 

"I can be considered an emerging outsider artist whose work tells stories of places, people, and events and expresses the fragments, scenes, and quotidian frames that give meaning to the cultures I partake in."  His traditional Brazilian Catholic upbringing taught him men should not express their feelings, and art was not a serious career choice for males.

"I wondered why I had this God-given gift if I am not supposed to use it?" After studying cultural anthropology, linguistics, and business, in the mid-2000s Bragah experienced a life-changing event that pushed him to embrace his artistic gift.

But despite reading everything he could about art since childhood, it was only after moving to Cape Town to do volunteer social work that he began training in art at a local studio.  By 2015 he was displaying his work, and he was thrilled when his art started finding buyers. 

Bragah's work has been exhibited in leading galleries around Cape Town.