Collection: Thea Darlow

Thea Darlow’s journey began in Gwanda, Zimbabwe, growing up on a farm. Guided by her mother, Joan, a revered watercolour artist, she developed a love for painting. Thea’s evolving expressionist style blends mediums and explores colour.

Under respected South African artist Laura Wenman, Thea’s artistic foundation emphasized fundamentals like the importance of drawing, observation and perspective.

Mastery of oil painting followed, then workshops with Ryno Swart and Jenny Merritt expanded her skills to include large expressionist and abstract work embracing generous amounts of acrylic paint.

Inspired by landscapes, trees, and rural African scenes, Thea’s works draw from photos, memories, and sketches. The ancient Matobo Hills deeply influence her, evoking a sense of the divine and feminine.

Regular visits to Zimbabwe connect her to this powerful landscape.Currently, her focus is on Lions Head and the resilient Stony Pine trees in Cape Town, capturing their bending forms against the South Easter wind.

Relocating to South Africa, her artistry expanded to various mediums, finding homes in galleries and commissioned projects. She now paints full-time in Bloubergrand, Cape Town, drawing endless inspiration from the captivating Table Mountain view and the surrounding landscapes.