Collection: Bowen Boshier

Bowen Boshier is a quiet, peaceful and thoughtful man who is truly at home in the regions that shaped him. The wilderness and natural expanses of the Karoo and the wilds of Botswana are where Boshier honed his artistic talent to become arguably Southern Africa's most celebrated pencil sketch artist.

"I grew up in the wilderness along the Shashi River, which flows into the Limpopo River where Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa meet. My father was the game ranger there."

Boshier displayed artistic talent from a young age and finds pencil well suited to his passion. "I am inspired by my delight and endless wonder at the African wilderness's complexity, detail, and diversity. Pencil drawings manage to hold the expectant silence our African wilderness contains."

"Pencil, with its large range of tones, like black and white photography, can carry the essence of a subject. It is slightly abstract, showing forms or landscapes that we are familiar with but without their colour. Our imaginations are compelled to step in and become involved with the image and imbue the work with the colour of our feelings and experiences," says Boshier.

He is fascinated by detail, so each drawing takes a long time. "I spend time on location, sometimes months in one place, walking and watching, sketching and sculpting."

Boshier's limited-edition fine art prints are available in selected art galleries in London, New York and Vancouver.