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Buying Art as a Souvenir

When visiting an exotic location, like South Africa, there’s always the urge to buy souvenirs, either as gifts for family and friends or simply as timely memories of an African safari. More often than not, we end up buying expensive, badly crafted bit and bobs which simply end up gathering dust.

Buying authentic South African art as a souvenir is not only a smart investment decision, it also guarantees that you have a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted work of art which is yours and yours alone to enjoy. A wide array of South African artists, subject matter and art styles ensures the perfect pick regardless of the age or interests of the beneficiary.

The ideal souvenir needn’t necessarily be an oil or watercolour.

  • Renowned and collected the world over, Ardmore Ceramics offers exquisitely handcrafted and highly detailed figurative works and functional ware are created by more than fifty artists who draw on Zulu traditions and folklore, history, the natural world and their own lives for inspiration.
  • Limited edition reproductions of original paintings and pencil sketches offer more affordable and accessible opportunities to owning your very own piece of art. Collections are certified and often available in various sizes, both on canvas and paper. Artist collections include those by Sue Dickinson, Vincent Reid, Bowen Boshier and David Bucklow.
  • Interior accessories including luxury African fabrics by Ardmore Design, African Namji dolls, fertility figurines, passport masks, beaded necklaces and bangles, wire art and other objects d’art offer a bright, colourful, quirky and eccentric addition to anyone’s art and décor collection.
  • Sculptures of bronze, copper, nickel, pewter and wood by various South African artists, including Stefan Rossouw, also make impressive collectable souvenirs.
  • Township art, wildlife art and any other authentic South African artwork which captures the sole of both the subject and South Africa are perennial favourites with souvenir hunters.

To ensure you are buying authentic and original South African art as a souvenir, we strongly recommend you browse through the art categories and artists listed on our website to order online, or visit one of our preferred South African galleries in person where our friendly and professional staff will gladly be of assistance.

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