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Elephant Art

The majestic elephant has been visually portrayed in a number of ways, depicting various emotions and personality traits. It represents the exotic and unfamiliar, due to its powerful build and imposing size. When visiting South Africa, many take home a souvenir or curio to remind them of their African experience. Unfortunately, many of the curio items brought back from South Africa are badly crafted and unoriginal - often not even made in South Africa.

Rather than purchase one of the myriad masks, animal statuettes or street artworks on offer at local markets, take a look at the quality paintings on offer from Fine Art Portfolio and its reputable and established South African artists. Each piece is an original work of art, making your chosen piece totally unique. You will be able to cherish and enjoy your purchased memory of South Africa for many years to come..

Elephant Paintings from Fine Art Portfolio

There are a number of South African artists featured on Fine Art Portfolio who create inspired wildlife art. Here are a few examples of artists who have created breathtaking elephant art.

David Bucklow

Male Elephant Bull | Wildlife Paintings by South African Artist David Bucklow | Fine Art Portfolio

David Bucklow has created a niche for himself in the world of South African wildlife art by creating photo-realistic images of all of the Big 5 animals, amongst others. With a keen eye for fine details, David’s depiction of this majestic elephant shows each and every detail of the elephant in a beautiful Realist style.

In this acrylic painting, every aspect of the elephant is rendered clearly. From the deep folds in the elephant’s skin, down to the tiny hairs that grow along its trunk, David’s trademark attention to detail is evident. The piece gives a clear indication of not only the sheer enormity of the elephant, but its quiet grace too.

Sue Dickinson

Elephant Big 5 | Wildlife Paintings by South African Artist Sue Dickinson | Fine Art Portfolio

What is most striking about Sue Dickinson’s work is the prevalence of negative space. She is of the belief that less is more, and that what you leave out of a painting is as important as what you put into it.

This approach is evident in this painting of a charging elephant, shown in strikingly clear detail in watercolour. The eye is drawn inevitably to the elephant, as the rest of the painting is left empty. This empty space also serves as an allusion to the vast open spaces of the South African plains.

Vincent Reid

Male Elephant Tusk | Limited Edition Pencil Sketch by South African Artist Vincent Reid | Fine Art Portfolio

An avid admirer and observer of nature and the the outdoors, Vincent loves to spend time in the wild bushveld of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, to study and photograph the magic and splendour that is the African bush. These first-hand experiences provide creative inspiration and an abundance of source material for originating future new works, such as this majestic male elephant bull - displaying an air of nobility and calm.

Purchasing Elephant Art

Purchasing elephant art is an opportunity to bring the majesty and power of this animal into your personal space. Whether you choose to display it in your home, in an office space or in a gallery, the value of the artwork you purchase is certain to increase with time. Every painting you purchase from Fine Art Portfolio comes with a certificate of authenticity and value.

If you are looking to buy authentic South African paintings, it is a good idea to rely on an expert for advice. Fine Art Portfolio provide an extensive range of artworks by a wide selection of South Africa’s finest established artists.

Visit their galleries in person for a first-hand and up-close experience, or order online from their website for worldwide shipping delivery to your home or office. 

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