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Office artworks that reflect the ambience and ethos of a particular company or business are often the easiest and most cost effective way of decorating a work space. It is crucial, however, to be careful when selecting an original work of art, as what works well in one business may not be relevant in another.

Corporate art should reflect the nature of the business

Conservative businesses such as banks, law firms and chartered accountants will no doubt feel more comfortable with pieces that conform to a more conventional genre.

Popular South African corporate art that imparts a traditionalist message includes oils of significant historical moments, land and seascapes in neutral colours or framed antique maps.

Hand-coloured limited edition engravings exude an olde worldly charm and can offer character of a bygone era.

Paintings by Mauro Chiarla, Errol Norbury and Willie Strydom, for instance, are likely to fit in well with a traditional company identity.

South Africa’s creative industry includes advertising, architecture, design, fashion, film and music companies. Vibrant, colourful, flamboyant works of art will certainly not be out of place in these trend setting businesses.

Modern art by Anthony Gadd, Katherine Wood, Candice Dawn B., amongst others, will make a bold, artistic statement that complements the creativity of more avant-garde work places.

Select art that imparts a positive message

Different areas of a work space may well necessitate different art styles or genres. Art for a reception area, for instance, should be bright, welcoming and re-assuring, creating a positive and favourable impression with visitors.

The wonderful mixed media landscapes of life in the township artworks by Frank Ross and Katharine Ambrose are happy, delightful adornments that will enhance any area, so too are the bright and colourful portraits and landscapes created by Jen Adam.

Abstract art has a reputation of enlivening an area as well as encouraging the mind to roam freely, an element that aids and abets problem-solving.

Although corporate art is largely about creating an attractive work space, works of art are known to inspire and motivate creativity and productivity in the work place. A beautiful environment, whether natural or man-made, is an elixir that enhances the overall well-being of an individual.

Consider artist commissions

One way to achieve synergy between an artwork and the work place is to commission an artist to produce a unique piece of art specifically tailored to fit in with your overall requirements.

Fine Art Portfolio offers and arranges personal or corporate commissions by select artists. Visit our art galleries in person or browse our website to find an artist, style, technique or colour palette that best suites your needs. Contact us via info@fineartportfolio.com to advise and we will discuss with the relevant artist to come back to you with a quote and time frame accordingly. 

Mark Wright
Mark Wright

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