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Tips on Buying Wildlife Art

South African Wildlife Art & Artists | Fine Art PortfolioAfrica’s wildlife is one of the continent’s most enduring icons and has been the artistic subject of man for well over 4000 years. Literally thousands of South African artists have created images of wild animals, in a variety of styles and media, over the years.

South African art, in particular wildlife art, is growing in popularity both locally and abroad. Visitors to the country usually include a sojourn to the bush, where the close encounters with wild animals are undoubtedly one of the highlights of any holiday.

In an effort to re-capture a glimpse of a sultry leopard slinking by or the boundless love of a lioness for her cubs, art aficionados, or simple people with a fond regard for nature, often select and buy South African wildlife art as a souvenir, a memory of their wildlife experience or even as an investment.

When buying wildlife art in South Africa, or any original artwork for that matter, it’s crucial you consider the following:

Do your research

Educate yourself, not only with regards to what you like, but on the wildlife art genre in general. Who are the popular wildlife artists, how much does their work generally command and what styles are popular or appeal to you personally?

David Bucklow and Vincent Reid, for example, are masters of realism whereas Anthony Gadd and Candice Dawn B. capture rather more of the essence of the animal in their abstract oil and mixed media offerings.

Consider emerging artists

Skilful emerging artists, who are largely unknown, are often also suitable when it comes to buying South African wildlife art. Not only is their work more affordable but it can offer remarkable raw talent for your benefit and appreciation. Reputable South African art galleries will be able to point you in the right direction.

Buy the best you can afford

Buy the best wildlife art you can afford. Again, search online or approach our recommended South African art galleries for details and current prices of authentic artworks by the leading or emerging wildlife artists of the day. Rather buy a slightly smaller quality piece than a larger and less appealing piece that doesn’t tick all your boxes.

Remember you’ll be buying South African art for the long term, so only buy wildlife art that creates an emotional response from you. In a couple of words, "buy it because you love it’!

Another reason for buying South African art that you are able to claim the RSA VAT back, which offers a substantial saving and consequently more buying power. If you buy your perfect piece in a gallery and take it home with you, you’ll be able to claim the VAT back at the airport. If, however, you choose to have it shipped overseas, we can deliver it to you directly which allows us to charge you the value of the artwork, excluding VAT, up-front! 

Seek reputable advice

Lastly, recommended established South African art galleries are the best port of call when purchasing South African wildlife art. Knowledgeable gallery owners and staff will be informed as to emerging artists, events, trends and techniques and will also be a great source of inspiration and guidance when buying South African art.

Whether needing assistance with browsing, purchasing or worldwide transportation, should you have any questions or queries pertaining to wildlife art, feel free to contact us and we’ll assist you however possible.

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