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Top Art Galleries in South Africa

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Fine Art Portfolio represents a choice selection of established South African art galleries, showcasing a vibrant and varied collection of outstanding locally produced visual arts in all significant genres and styles.

Lion Art by South African Wildlife Artists

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The lion has been celebrated as a symbol of strength since the dawn of human history. This majestic animal was portrayed in the earliest cave paintings and has graced the flags and standards of nations and armies across the globe. Today the lion continues to inspire awe, and remains a popular subject amongst South Africa’s most gifted wildlife artists. 

Buying Art as a Souvenir

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Buying authentic South African art as a souvenir is not only a smart investment decision, it also guarantees that you have a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted work of art which is yours and yours alone to enjoy. A wide array of South African artists, subject matter and art styles ensures the perfect pick regardless of the age or interests of the beneficiary.

South African Art - Elephant Art

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Capture the majesty, mystery and beauty of Africa with elephant art from Fine Art Portfolio