Bon Chandiyamba

Bon Chandiyamba

About the Artist

Born: 1956 - Malawi

Born and raised in Malawi, Boniface grew up in wild and untamed territory; a vast space overflowing with the abundance of nature. From an early age, Bon, as he’s known by most, had a resulting affinity for all things bright and beautiful. Drawing from this natural landscape of influencing elements, he felt inspired to express his creative interpretations on paper. This was the beginning of greater things to come.

After a calling to South Africa in 1989, Bon chose to move and settle in Johannesburg - calling this bustling African metropolis his new home. He later received his permanent residency.

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Style and Format

Wanting to hone in on his creative talents and turn his passion into a career, he took a course in Fine Arts and then later an additional Graphic Design diploma course - both at the Art Foundation of Johannesburg.

Culminating all of his influences, inspirations and talents, Boniface sought out to perfect his technique and created a unique 'signature' style of artwork content. In the early 70’s, after years of trial and error experimenting with different mediums, painting techniques, subject matters and everything in between, he discovered a fit that suited both his talents and the needs and desires of his appreciating fans and collectors.

His inspiration to paint normal African scenes in vibrant colour and in somewhat stylized gentle abstraction, have won him true fame throughout Africa and the world. Bon’s 'Human-Ant figure' stylisation of African people doing the ordinary chores of life is unique. He captures the attitude and poise of his people in a way no other artist has achieved, save for L. S. Lowry the famous 'match stick men' artist from Lancashire, England who lived in the early part of the 20th century.

Bon’s inspiration for the depiction of African figures comes from his observation of soldier ants. These remind him of people at work and play.

Bon is deeply religious man who is married with two daughters. His work has been widely collected throughout the world and his political connections ensure that his work is regularly exhibited at many international conventions within and without Africa (see below).

A new innovation in Bon’s work has been the use of 3D elements and texture in his large originals. Because of his uniqueness, Bon is very worthwhile to collect for enjoyment and investment.

Some of his exhibitions include: 
2005 Ronald Regan Building, Washington DC, USA 
2002 David Livingston Centre, Scotland, UK 
2002 Ian Kenny Gallery, Hamilton, Scotland, UK 
2000 World Economic Forum Sponsored exhibition, Durban ICC
1999 World Economic Forum Sponsored exhibition, ICC Durban 
1996 Grahamstown Standard Bank Arts Festival, RSA
1996 United Nations Year for Eradication of Poverty Exhibition
1995 United Nations 50th Anniversary Exhibition, RSA 
1995 Graphiti Gem Gallery Maryland USA
1995 Bukom Cafe Washington DC.,USA
1995 People's Community Baptist Church Hall, Maryland, USA
1992 Museum of Botswana

Some of his Corporate and Private Collectors include:
2009 SA Coin Corporation
2009 South Africa Embassy Antananarivo Madagascar
2008 South African Embassy Brazzaville Congo
2007 South African Embassy Helsinki
2006 South African Embassy Venezuela
2006 Union Building
2005 O. R. Tambo House (Official Residence for the Deputy President)
2003 Freedom Park Foundation
2002 Airport Company of South Africa
2001 Transnet (PTY) LTD
2000 World economic Forum
2000 Hoechst Aktiengesschaft Corporate Centre, Frankfurt
2000 Orbitex Financial Services group INC, New York, USA
1999 World Economic Forum Geneva Switzerland 
1998 Protea Hotels Johannesburg and Durban
1997--SA Coin Corporation
1997 Propnet Pretoria
1996 South African Breweries Centenary Centre
1996 National Olympic Committee of South Africa
1996 International Olympic Committee of South Africa
1994 National Museum of Botswana
1993 Mannesmann Demag (PTY) LTD
1993 Prosound (PTY) Ltd, Johannesburg RSA
1992 Schuler Wines Ltd, Switzerland

Social Responsibility:
Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre
Co founded the Art program for underprivileged youth in the following areas: 

  •  Free, informal art lessons
  • To provide opportunity for up and coming artists to market their works
  • Organise and curate art workshops and exhibitions

Artists Doing Aids (ADA)
Founding member of the organisation called 'Artists Doing Aids' 
This is an organisation formed by artists and media to promote HIV&AIDS awareness through arts.
Bon’s role was:

  • Planning and organise workshops and other visual arts activities
  • Identify and organise artists, curators
  • Help with fundraising
  • Liaise with the media

Makeba Centre for Girls
The Centre for Girls is a home for abused and orphaned girls it was founded by late Singer Miriam Makheba popularly known as Mama Africa. 

  •  Bon teaches art once every fortnight a project of St. Monica’s Anglican Church.