Bronze Collection

Bronze Collection

Cast in the age-old “lost wax” bronze casting process that dates back thousands of years, each sculpture is expertly finished by-hand to create unique and perfected details. This ancient bronze casting process enhances every detail of the original clay sculpture created by the artist.

Extensive hand-finishing work is done to each sculpture with black enamelling that is lead-free, scratch resistant and environmentally friendly.

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Once the painstaking process of hand painting all the intricate contrasting detailing has been completed, the final polishing is completed. Thereafter, each silver-plated piece is carefully treated with layers of an advanced anti-tarnish protective coating (developed in the U.S.A.). As this is mainly to safeguard the shiny, polished silver finish, the natural-finish bronze sculptures don't receive this additional proctective coat, so that their natural patina can continue to develop and mature over time (the normal ageing process for tradtional bronze sculpture.)

The bronze sculptures are suitable for indoors and outdoors, whilst the silver sculptures are better suited for indoors. Bronze sculptures placed outside will naturally oxidize, which adds to the beauty and characteristic feature of this metal.