Candice Dawn B

Candice Dawn B

About the Artist

Born: 1974 - Western Cape, South Africa

Candice Dawn B  graduated from the Johannesburg school of art in 1992. Candice proceeded to give free reign to her talent in photography, also producing the occasional commissioned work. Within a few years she had also evolved a more driven and disciplined approach to painting.

Candice Dawn B’s dramatically creative work has a passionate, flamboyant quality.  Its sensuality and liberality of composition reflects her early exposure to the disciplines of drama, music and ballet, and even her involvement in martial arts, which she taught for many years.  Candice's work has a purity of energy about it, which comes from her own adventurousness, the pleasure she gets out of life, and her warm exuberant personality.

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Style and Format

This South African artist is an adventurous soul who lives by her innermost instincts, and instead of dreaming about the future, lives out her dreams in the present.  

"I love the unexpected, so I don't need to dream about my future, because I know that what I'm doing will take me to a future that can only get better.  I trust my gut feel, and this way life is always exciting."  Candice also has a healthy respect for what emerges from her creativity's uncharted territory - "most of what I have accomplished in my paintings is by mistake or experiment – the unexpected."

A new era in Candice's life began when her creative energy prompted her to give full attention to her art.  She developed unique heavily embossed, opulent, abstract works which were drawn from her love of the baroque, with textured filigree, and deep rich colours.  These works, created with multi-media such as gold, silver and copper leaf, resins, glazes, gessos and oils, have an aura of the Italian Renaissance, and even something of Shakespearian drama, with their sensual physicality.

Candice Dawn B demonstrates an impressive degree of professionalism with her fine attention to detail, use of bold, sometimes decadent, colours and finely wrought textures.  This South African artist has a rare talent for combining simplicity of design with intricate detail so that both complement each other in a way that makes her work generous, evocative, very appealing, and uniquely contemporary.

Candice describes her influences: “Each of us battles inside everyday with some small thing. I have my own internal jury. Like a dog, sometimes we find it difficult to let go of the battle. We all have our own dark secret heart, the place we find solace, license, disguise, and will. I have used the image of the dog or hound as a symbol of our basic ability to trust implicitly, but fight for our own. In contrast: The Divas and ball gowns are a symbol of our ego at first and then the result of inner analysis, the filigree work depicts the intricacy and obsessiveness of one's mind.”

It is always difficult and dangerous to allow strictures within the art lexicon to limit descriptions of a multi-talented and diverse artist’s output. Certainly all the tenets of superb draughtsmanship are there, combined with violent colours and monochromatic sketching for counterbalance.

Expressionist? Yes. Abstracted? Sometimes. Poly-featured? Of course. The philosophy with which Candice Dawn B approaches life is that of pin ball as it bounces from cushion to cushion as it amass its score. What she will accomplish depends on the influences (bounces). This is an emerging artist who will wear the mantle of celebrated master in time. Collect her South African art now and rejoice in future appreciation.

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