About the Artist

Born: 1953 – Pretoria, South Africa

MARGRIET VAN LOGGERENBERG “CORA” - Cora is an easier name to recall and pronounce – it also takes up less room on the canvas giving more room to the free flowing ‘loose’ colourist images which Cora paints so well.

As a child in the embassy in Rome, Cora became fascinated by her parent’s attempts at painting. Her mother became a great inspiration during her school and university years when doodles and drawings were converted into paintings.

Cora joined the SABC television division in South Africa and made this her main career in the 1980’s and 1990’s – painting was then a very important leisure activity, a release from the stresses and deadlines of her job. Cora’s choice of subject matter encompasses landscapes, figurative, florals and abstraction, with similar excitement and verve applied to each subject.

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