Corne Weideman

Corne Weideman

About the Artist

Born: 1977 – North West Province, South Africa

Though there was no heritage of art, drawing or painting within the family, Corné started drawing at the age of three!  Soon he moved into paint using old masters and in particular South African masters as inspiration. Corne attended 11 different schools before matriculating in Robertson, in the Western Cape.

Formerly based in Hartbeespoort, he recently settled in Pretoria after a stint in Ireland. “I’ve loved the works of the great Masters ever since I can remember”, says Weideman. “Wherever we lived, the one constant in my life was visiting art museums and art exhibitions.”

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His Influences

He remembers spending hours studying the works and techniques of the master of impressionism, including Monet, Degas and Renoir. “The methods of composition and lighting, the use of broken colours to depict visual impressions; everything intrigued me no end”, he says. Through observation and practice, Corné was able to get some of the way to achieve his standard of competency. 

It was a frustrating journey of trial and error until he met with Adriaan Boshoff in 2006.  Adriaan immediately recognised the potential Corné possessed and the entire family rallied around him, giving him board and lodging right up to Adriaan Boshoff’s death in May 2007.

That Adriaan Boshoff past away is almost unthinkable; one of the greatest exponents of impressionism South Africa has ever known is gone. Even more, a great, a humble, human being has left us. He was Corne’ Weideman’s mentor and his inspiration. “The hours we spent talking at the kitchen table when I lived in his house, the discussions always centering on more than mere lines, light and technique. No other artist has inspired me to the extent that Adriaan Boshoff has. The most remarkable aspect about the man was how humble he was. Like his, my life is dedicated to the endeavour for perfection in my work.”

Adriaan taught him the basic ways of looking at colour and texture provided by the hand for our enjoyment.

Says Corné:  “Although I see Adriaan Boshoff as my mentor, I had to do the hard work of applying and implementing his words.  There is no easy way out.  I paint every day and know that it is practice that makes perfect.

His Style

Corné’s style is already his own.  Although greatly inspired and tutored by Adriaan Boshoff, influences from Hugo Naude, Titta Fasciotti, Coetzee and Oldert are apparent.

In technique Corné is generous with texture (impasto) as he combines brush and palette knife to superb effect.

His Future

High prices have already been achieved on the political exhibition circuit - R60 000, rumoured for a 
915mm X 610mm scene in June, in Cape Town, South Africa.