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David Bucklow

David Bucklow South African Artist

Born: 1969  South Africa

David Bucklow Biography

South African Artist David Bucklow has always loved drawing and painting wildlife. He loves African wildlife and the Big Five animals. Even at the age of 5 when he did a crayon sketch artwork of a lion. After completing school at Amanzimtoti High School, he spent the next two years completing his national service in Mpumalanga.

With his natural affinity for animals, David spent his two years service as a  dog trainer. It was here that he started spending his free time sketching animals indigenous to the area. Later, David ventured into the art of portraiture. Despite this South African artist’s talent with portrait art, David started to feel that he should once again devote his time and talents to wildlife paintings. Working as a manager at a tanner left David with little time to  develop his skills as an artist, however; his early works found favour with Fine Art Portfolio and started his career as an artist. 

David Bucklow is now one of South Africa's most renowned and collected wildlife artists. 

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David Bucklow Paintings and Art

David Bucklow's paitings are photo-realistic and show tremendous talent and technique in the detailed treatment of his captivating wildlife art studies. Artist David Bucklow works in his chosen medium of acrylic on canvas. His leopard paintings show his incredible talent. 


David Bucklow Wildlife Art

In 2004, already an established artist, David Bucklow was approached to take part in the unity series of limited editions launched for the Nelson Mandela Trust, in Switzerland as one of 87 artists selected from around the world. 

We believe that all of his limited editions were sold out as of March 2005. Since this major breakthrough, David’s South African wildlife art has been sought after by major galleries and patrons of the art worldwide. 

Fine Art Limited Edition Wildlife Prints

Following the ever-growing popularity and collectability of David's original paintings, an exclusive collection of limited edition fine art prints have been released. Twelve of his best wildlife artworks have been hand-selected to form this limited edition print series, released in various sizes on both canvas and acid-free paper.

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