Duggie Du Toit

Duggie Du Toit

About the Artist

Born: 1943 - Gauteng, South Africa

Duggie du Toit was born on 19 September 1943 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He began painting while working in the mines, then went on to study through the College for Famous Artists in Westpark, Connecticut. This South African artist has been painting full-time for the last 15 years.


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Style & Format

Duggie Du Toit’s preferred medium is oil. He describes his work as classical impressionistic. He uses interesting themes in his South African art: vegetables, fruit, old bottles, music, portrait and figure studies. His work is clearly identifiable amongst South African artists, with its rich earthly colours.

Duggie has mastered the technique of using light and darkness in his paintings to create the image of something real and lively. Duggie's overseas market consists mainly of tourists who buy his work in embassies and in various art galleries in South Africa.

To quote Duggie: "My work doesn't scream, it whispers”. 

We were saddened to learn of Duggie Du Toit's passing in 2018. 

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