Elzette Welgemoed

Elzette Welgemoed

About the Artist

Born: 1966 - Western Cape, South Africa

Born and raised in the Strand, along the Cape's False Bay coast, Elzette's early passion for art througout her schooling years was brought to life when she went on to Art College to study Ceramics. From the early 1990's Elzettte's talent evolved on to painting and from 1998 onwards became her full-time career.

Feeding off the cozy, cheerful and lively 'people watching' atmosphere in coffee shops as her source of inspiration, Elzette's enjoys creating light-hearted everyday moments in time, with people as her main focus. She prefers painting in mixed media, howevver has also experimented with wood and clay. Prof. Hans du Plessis has described her work as 'a creative interpretation of reality'. Elzette is married with three children: Johan, Stephanie, Jozette, as well as a grandchild, Juan.

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