Hildegard Wenkidu

Hildegard Wenkidu

About the Artist

Born: 1975 – Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Although born in the picturesque Natal province in South Africa, Hildegard was brought up and educated in England and Ireland but returned to finish her schooling and matriculation in South Africa.

Due to her exceptional draughtsmanship and figure drawing, she won a bursary for the Fashion Design Diploma. Her interest in line, form and texture extended to other fields of artistic expression - jewellery design, cartoon work and also curateing and running exhibitions on behalf of herself and others. At university Hildegard read a B.A. in Philosophy and Printmaking. Her dry point etching works are superbly executed and for a time Hildegard helped others by running the "Deckled Edge" print making studio.

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Style & Format

Hildegard has exhibited widely – Grahamstown, Cape Town and Johannesburg within South Africa - whilst show casing her work in New York, Dublin and London. Because Hildegard evokes those common day scenarios of which we are all a part her work has a ready and immediate appeal to all age groups and both sexes. Her style can be compared to the early artists and particularly Picasso - with greater emphasis on the eyes and their expressive quality.

Hildegard prefers to do her own printmaking, still making her a rare artist totally proficient in creation. 'All printmakers are artists whereas not all artists are printmakers.' (Refer to our “Art Matters No. 2”)

At the time of writing this biography, Hildegard was about to be launched onto the International Market by one of the most prestigious Art Publishing Companies in London. More importantly, she has now married and given birth to a son.

To collect her work is now is to be part of evolution of a great figurative artist.