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Jen Adam

Jen Adam Artist

Born: 1956 – KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Jen Adam Biography

Born and raised in South Africa, South African artist Jen Adam started her working career in the creative industry before resigning after 10 years of service to be at home with her two children, Shaun and Jodi. A self-taught South African artist, Jen Adam later went on to open a ceramic business which operated for almost 20 years. During this time, Jen Adam offered art classes and training to other aspiring artists, teaching the craft of being a ceramist artist.

Jen Adam also exhibited and sold her artwork across various art galleries. After much encouragement from her husband, Bill, and fellow artist and friend, Natasha Barnes, Jen Adam started to paint seriously and found that her paintings sold as fast as she could paint them. 

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Jen Adam Paintings

To admire Jen Adam’s warm and soulful ethnic artworks on canvas is to experience a spiritual journey into Africa. Her art depicts women and children walking through vast, arid, glowing landscapes captures the pure innocence of rural Africa at its best: a dry, hot and at times barren land that is nevertheless emotionally and spiritually rich, with its diverse cultures, rural people and magnificent fiery sunrises and sunsets.

In her African paintings, the women almost always have a thin flowing white fabric draped over their clothing, a symbol of the emotional and spiritual strength these women have in the face of extreme poverty and adversity in their humble lives.

Etched against the burning earth, these silhouettes capture our imagination, bringing a positive energy and tranquillity to the viewer, allowing us a warm and spontaneous invitation to dream whilst listening quietly and capturing the mood.

Jen Adam Photography

Jen Adam Photography captures moments between subjects and their loved ones – moments they want to cherish forever. Jen loves to capture the “mood and moment” and tell the story of what happens behind the lens. Her lifestyle portraits include photographing the softness of new-borns in various foetal positions, as well as the mischievousness of toddlers or self-awareness of teens.

Doing maternity or family photo shoots in studio or on location are also some of her specialties. Her preference is to capture a natural moment of joy, happiness or sadness in a smile rather than a staged formal shot. She likes to believe she offers a fun, stress-free photo shoot for everyone concerned.

Jen Adam feels blessed to have a most wonderful, joyous, and purposeful life and the opportunity to share her creativity and artistic talents with her admirers and art collectors alike.

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