Lazarus Ramontseng

Lazarus Ramontseng

About the Artist

Born: 1975 - Free State, South Africa

Lazarus Ramontseng is a self-taught South African artist. He converts his passion for art into imagery the hard way - observe, draw, judge and assess critically, and then do it again and again and again until pleased with the result.

Through the hard school years during Apartheid South Africa, he never dreamed he would be able to support himself through his gift for painting and portrayal of everyday scenes. His expectation was to enter the gold mines or become involved in live stock minding with the local farmers. However, a chance of meeting with Edward Selematsela changed his life forever. Edward saw, nurtured and guided Lazarus’ talent and invited him to join him in his studio as a resident artist, and eventually teacher to street children in Marshalltown, Johannesburg. Lazarus and Edward now collaborate in making the colourful and textured township art which have now become collectors’ pieces.

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