Robin Mann

Robin Mann

About the Artist

Born: 1960 - Western Cape, South Africa

Robin Mann is a self-taught artist who has devoted himself to the philosophy of Nietzsche, from whom he draws his inspiration. Mann works as a full-time artist, and surrounds himself with flowers while he works. This South African artist believes that flowers energise his art, which he sees as a flow of energy through the medium of colour.

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Style & Format

Robin Mann  works with acrylic as his preferred medium. This South African artist concentrates primarily on floral art, landscapes and nude studies.

According to Robin, 'Artists succeed through the sheer magnitude and power of their work. If you love what you are doing it attracts people - it's magnetic.'  


Robin Mann’s South African art can be found in private and corporate collections around the world.

You can purchase or commission South African floral art by Robin Mann now. Simply contact Fine Art Portfolio on or +27 (0)21 433 0908.