Ros Walters

Ros Walters

About the Artist

Born 1945 - Hampshire, England

From schooling which was turgid and structured Ros escaped into London's swinging sixties and into vibrant fashion retailing of The Kings Road in Chelsea. Whilst serving socialites and the debutants of the day she also kept dipping into her water colour box and sketching new looks, new designs and styles. Ros trained as a fashion designer, this being the precursor to her concentrating on textile design. Many of her designs exist today with companies such as Whiteheads. She has even designed a popular range of wrapping paper.

The foregoing shows the love and appreciation for design. Ros was totally unprepared for the creative release that a full time structured oil painting course gave her. She was able to harness all of her talents and disciplines and patiently work each image to her high standard of perfection.

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Style and Format

Many of her works take up to six weeks to complete. Ros concentrates on the natural pose of ladies both well coutured and "au naturelle" - in the nude. Skin and clothes with all their different hues are worked as endlessly for the final best possible result.

Whilst Ros has come late in her life to true painting, she does feel that all her foregoing experiences have contributed to each painting. Ros is now a full time artist dedicated to improving each painting she completes. If Ros were a poet then her style could be described as "Wordworthesk" - to compare her work to well known artists would be to do both a disservice - maybe start at Degas pastels of ballet dancers and then dream on.