Collection: Vincent Reid

Raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, Vincent Reid's first clue that his artistic talent might be exceptional came early. "Before I was ten years old, an art teacher took me and some of my drawings around to the other classes, saying, 'Look at this!'"

Born in Mutare, Zimbabwe, in 1970, Reid finished his schooling in Harare before studying interior design and working in the exhibition and events industry for 18 years. He moved to sub-tropical Durban in 2003 and pursued a full-time artistic career.

Reid draws from his own photographs, which he collects on regular travels with his family to the wild bushvelds of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. "I quite enjoy it when people are drawn in without realising they're looking at a pencil drawing; it means I've captured the creature's soul, maybe even the trees."

In 2014, Reid was named a finalist in the UK's David Shepherd Wildlife Conservation Artist of the Year competition. He has exhibited in South Africa, Australia, Germany, the USA, and the UK.

With his pencil artworks growing in popularity, Reid has released a limited-edition print series of giclée works available in various sizes on acid-free paper or canvas.