Lion Art by South African Wildlife Artists

Lion Art

The lion has been celebrated as a symbol of strength since the dawn of human history. This majestic animal was portrayed in the earliest cave paintings, and has graced the flags and standards of nations and armies across the globe. Today the lion continues to inspire awe, and remains a popular subject amongst South Africa’s most gifted wildlife artists.

Lion Art as a Souvenir

An encounter with lions in the wild is one of the highlights of a trip to South Africa. It therefore comes as no surprise that South Africa offers an abundance of souvenir handicrafts that represent the lion and other members of the Big Five.

In recent years a shift has taken place in the wildlife souvenir market. Increasing numbers of visitors are turning away from souvenirs of variable quality and durability sold at street side and craft markets. Instead, they are choosing to invest in the wildlife art produced by some of South Africa’s most gifted artists.

Artists Creating Lion Artwork

You’ll find representations of the lion in the work of many of South Africa’s most prominent wildlife artists. Here’s a small selection of South African artists who have created striking representations of the King of the Jungle:

David Bucklow

David Bucklow's Male Lion shows the power and strength of the King of the Jungle

A master of Realist wildlife art, David Bucklow has a style that is most definitely photo-realistic. Those with an eye for the finer details in his paintings will be able to appreciate the way that he conveys the power and grace of the lion in his work.

Bucklow’s portrait of a male lion up-close provides a striking example of his attention to detail: each hair is meticulously rendered, groomed to perfection - as if you could almost reach out and stroke his mane. The lion is executed in David’s favoured medium, acrylic, and is finished with an extra layer of varnish that brings the painting to crystal clear life.

Sue Dickinson

Mr Majestic Male Lion in all his glory

Sue Dickinson’s artwork is best known for her striking use of negative space, offset against the vibrancy of her watercolour palette. A firm believer that less is more, Dickinson claims that what you leave out of a painting is as important as what you put in it. Her representation of a resting lion is therefore able to evoke the wide open spaces of Africa whilst simultaneously focusing attention on the grandeur and grace of the lion.

Sonia Sawyer

Sonia Sawyer has spent most of her life in close proximity to wildlife, and presently lives surrounded by farms roamed by an assortment of wild animals. It should come as no surprise that these animals have become her muse, and she’s best known for portraying the gentler side of Africa’s wildlife.

Sonia's serene, almost photo-realistic depiction of this mating lion pair offers us insight into the wild and untamed animal world whilst also drawing attention to the bonds formed between them.

Buying Lion Art

When purchasing fine art depicting the lion and other African wildlife, turn to an expert such as Fine Art Portfolio. Offering not only an extensive range of wildlife art by established South African artists, each artwork is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and value. Together with packaging and worldwide shipping delivery (including insurance in-transit), your purchase is assured to be easy, convenient, safe and secure. 

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